Vanced Changelogs

Vanced Manager (v2.6.2)


  • Fixed root installer for some users
  • App now checks for Magisk and displays an error message if it's not detected
  • Various optimizations

MicroG (v0.2.24.220220)


  • upstream changes
  • added translations

Youtube Vanced (v17.03.38)

Main changes:

  • Bumped base
  • ReturnYouTubeDislike integration (NOT FOR SHORTS ALSO SEE KNOWN ISSUES)
  • Channel whitelisting for video ads
  • Improved ad-blocking
  • Comments location (alpha) has been removed (because Google pushed new comments to tablet UI)
  • Added tablet style under swipe controls for partially disabling recommended videos in landscape mode and other tablet styled UI
  • Added support for themed icon (Android 13+)

Sponsorblock changes:

  • added support for channel whitelisting (see the "Channel whitelisting" toggle in sb settings)
  • added support for setting the minimum segment duration
  • added the filler category
  • replaced the "Change colors" button with a text field inside of each category's setting
  • 403 messages (warns, locked video/segment) will now be properly displayed
  • added an option to enable SB browser button.
  • option to change the API URL KNOWN ISSUES
  • On new action bar layouts(server-sided feature), the new toggles won't work. (Around 15% of users are currently affected by it)
  • all the usual previous issues relating to Chromecast, codec override, swipe controls bug while scrolling in landscape mode and swipe down gesture to refresh. PLANNED CHANGES FOR NEXT RELEASE
  • Option to make SponsorBlock submitting and voting buttons appear under the video
  • make RYD work in all layouts
  • add more ad whitelist options such as viewing the entire list of whitelisted channels and a global video ads toggle

Youtube Music Vanced (v4.65.50)


  • Bumped base
  • added the following translations to Vanced: Slovak, Romanian, Polish, Korean, Italian, Indonesian, Greek, German, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani, Japanese
  • unlocked mini-player for kids songs
  • fixed login issue for some Android 11 devices